10 years ago a material like Neolith’s sintered stone was unthinkable; Now the decorative surfaces are changing since this product was released, it has become a solution that many in the world of architecture want to try.

Why does everyone want Neolith? The chance?

It may be, but the case is that the Esteve brothers already had experience working with marbles and natural stones when in 2009 they founded their own company, TheSize, with a very clear objective: to play everything to Neolith.

Sintered stone, this is technically called, and gives rise to a type of surface with unprecedented technical characteristics: very fine material (up to three millimeters), it has a very low porosity, it is hard to say enough and of very high density.

But what is sintering? Well, as simple as heating raw materials (quartz, oxides, silica, glass, feldspar …) in imposing ovens until the temperature is sufficient for Neolith’s internal structure to reorganize and achieve almost 100% compaction.

But the interesting thing about it is that the way in which the Neolith material can be found is the result of a complex process in which the Sintering Technology that TheSize has developed to create the product is used. This technology is responsible for replicating in a matter of hours the process by which stones are created naturally over thousands of years. The procedure consists in subjecting the raw materials that make up the final product to very high pressures and temperatures.


If you wonder what the Neolith is, we will tell you that it is a new architectural material whose composition and manufacturing process give it extremely positive mechanical characteristics and transform it into a highly versatile technical solution.

In essence, the Neolith combines the best raw material with the most advanced technology and is therefore a true innovation in coatings.

As for the Neolith material, what we will say is that it is a porcelain tile that has a huge variety of applications and useful characteristics.


If we talk about its advantages, we have to say that it is one of the most innovative products in terms of versatility. In fact, Neolith can be used in any application, while it is a light surface with a variety of finishes.

As a surface of high performance, large format and fine thickness, it has superior physical and mechanical properties that transform it into a commitment to quality in any construction project.

  1. A very light material; Lightness is one of the most surprising factors of this type of countertops. A 3 mm thick Neolith board weighs only 7 kg per square meter.

  2. High strength; It is a very resistant material at all levels. It has a high resistance to high temperatures. These types of countertops do not burn with fire, something ideal for a room like the kitchen. In addition, they also do not emit fumes or any toxic substance. It also adapts perfectly to low temperatures, so that its surface does not change in contact with ice, for example. Scratch and scratch resistance is another of the main features of Neolith countertops, and they stand in perfect condition against abrasion. Being a material composed of 100% natural raw materials, it does not deteriorate with exposure to ultraviolet rays, thus preserving its color in perfect condition.

    Although Neolith is made of natural materials and manufactured at very high temperatures and pressures, being resistant to scratches and impact, like any other surface, with excessive pressures or improper use can be damaged.

  3. Impermeability; The surface of these countertops has a very small porosity, which makes their absorption almost zero. It is a material that stands out for its impermeability and resistance to any type of liquid product.

  4. Cleaning; We are facing a material that is very easy to clean and resistant to the different cleaning chemicals that are often used on these surfaces.

  5. Variety; Neolith countertops are very versatile. They can adapt to any type of kitchen, regardless of their decorative style. This is because there is a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, in order to make the new countertop combine perfectly with any type of decoration.

In in-ex construction we work with this material. We try to keep abreast of the advances to be able to offer it to the client, so that the work in question is as up-to-date as possible.

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