There was a time when false ceilings and plasterwork were hidden behind stone, brick, beams and other elements of origin. You do not have to go back many years, because the last blows have been felt until yesterday. We moved between contempt and consequent abandonment and the consequent decorative trend, a minimalism taken perhaps too rajatabla, aimed to hide the traces of time, betting on practicing a rejuvenating lifting of the spaces. We called that “Rehabilitation of spaces” Fortunately, those vestiges that were part of the structure, remained there, hidden but intact, but others more than embellishment as azulejerías, decoration of ceilings, carpentry, were devastated forever. The current trend has been reversed. It is something that you see. Suddenly, the “Rehabilitation of spaces” is another. As one who finds the philosopher’s stone, we have realized that, in authenticity, a good part of success is present. This is what in IN-EX construction distinguishes us from our competitor without renouncing modernity, we make of the old a trend.


The interesting thing about these spaces is that they can be rehabilitated and converted into real estate developments that improve the atmosphere and perception of the location, as well as creating a sense of community for those who come to live, work or walk.

There are many spaces that have cemented their personality in the archaeological rescue (the industrial one is also worth it) of the past precisely and although it seems a contradiction to support the modernity of the concept that is sold in these elements with centuries of life. Evoke your active past in the present.

Luckily in our context, for a while now, sensitivity has tended to recover what has been left behind, even if the concept of space is modern. Finally, a broad vision of the “Rehabilitation of spaces in Valencia”, far from that which was limited to destroy or, in the best of cases, everything that did not correspond to the norms of the new style. Under this new premise, it is difficult to resist the emotion of discovering and giving definite light to the architectural elements that have been hidden for centuries by the subsequent factories. This is what currently happens in the rehabilitation process, they carry you out, to a journey in time as elements from different periods appear that give the space a personality that has not had to be invented. Spaces here and there that are discovered.

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