Almost a decade after the start of the crisis, the construction companies in Valencia, need at least 10,000 new workers to be able to complete the developments planned in Valencia. The bosses point out that the Latin American immigrants who went to their countries of origin after the outbreak of the crisis are returning to the Comunitat Valenciana and also join workers from the closest areas of the peninsula, since the sector has in the three provinces Valencian, 146,595 fewer workers than in 2007, and labor is needed.


The lack of manpower is getting worse every month and has forced the construction companies in Valencia to hire workers, officers and laborers from the closest areas, Castilla La Mancha, Aragón and Extremadura. For the 2,000 homes that will be built in the coming months in Valencia, “it takes 5,000 direct workers and another 5,000 professional trades related to the work (such as electricians or painters).” Currently, there are 61,882 people working in the Valencian Community (27,688 in Valencia, 25,359 in Alicante and 8,335 in Castellon).

Workers who come from other autonomous communities arrive in Valencia on Monday and leave on Friday. “They usually move in vans in groups of eight and they all go on the same floor. Others prefer to come and go on the same day with the danger of traveling in a van after an eight-hour day, “they said. The Valencian construction companies make a contract for work, by hours or by partition / chapter to be executed.

The lack of labor in construction companies in Valencia, is especially worrying in the case of specialists. The change of cycle has caught with the foot changed to the construction sector, which does not find qualified professionals to raise facades , walls (partition walls) or assemble the plumbing and electricity installations. The competition has reached such a point that the subcontracting companies are the same for practically all the promotions or large works that need more specialty of the subject. So much so that, developers in Valenciana intend to “steal” the workers from one another based on salary improvements so that their works are of quality and in an estimated time and so, not get any deviation that has to do with these two aspects .

Likewise, the need to reactivate a qualified professional training is open to debate, since young people “suffer from a specific preparation to work on the construction site.

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