Valencian construction companies

Recovery in the construction market. VALENCIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES return! Cranes and masons are seen again on the scaffolding! All excellent news for those who wish to take a property in the capital of the Turia.


VALENCIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES are picking up. The truth is that in the Valencian capital we can already speak of a RECOVERY IN THE SECTOR. In fact, if we take a walk through the city, we can appreciate buildings at heights, while a look at the offices of the town hall would help us to get an idea of ​​the many requests for work permits that await the approval of the corresponding department.
NEW HOUSES IN VALENCIA If we take a look at the rest of Spain, we see that the real estate panorama is similar to what we observed in Valencia.

A cursory search on the web by entering the keywords ‘new work Valencia’ will show that this new reality begins to gain ground throughout the province. Specifically, only at the end of last year, EMPRESAS CONSTRUCTORAS VALENCIANAS, processed 34 new applications for building permits for the construction of 856 new homes and it is expected to continue increasing. This new rate of construction would, according to estimates of the city council itself, reach 1,500 new homes annually. Such is the flood of EMPRESAS CONSTRUCTORAS VALENCIANAS requesting new licenses that the City Council has a one year delay in its concession. A fact, by the way, that has forced to reinforce the team of architects of the Consistory given the significant increase in activity in the capital. A delay, also, that is holding back the arrival of new projects and that has been subject to criticism by the promoters.

However, not only the volume of newly built homes is much lower than that which occurred in the good times, but also this new era of construction is distinguished by clear ‘green’ parameters that make the city more sustainable . This hopeful RECOVERY COINCIDES WITH THE INCREASE IN HOUSING PURCHASES registered in property registries in Spain that recently reached 119,408. Not in vain, we speak of a figure greater than 10.7% over the same period in previous years and is even the highest since 2011. An excellent news for those who are now embarking on the mission of acquiring a new home in Valencia at a reasonable price.

This recovery of the sector makes EMPRESAS CONSTRUCTORAS VALENCIANAS faces a PROBLEM: There are many cranes and little labor. The demand is such that salaries have risen by 15% and construction companies are raffling labor.

The sector says that it has noticed this problem for a couple of years but the situation is starting to be alarming now due to the construction boom in different areas of Spain. The workers of the brick sector before the crisis many were immigrants who left Spain after losing their job and many others are not willing to leave their current job in the service sector for salaries that are still far from those of before the crisis.

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